"Claire is a genuine Yogini, who has practiced and taught yoga her whole life, she is an eco-warrior, a healer and an artist, her yoga is real and creative, it is a treat to be taught by her."  Mark Whitwell, Heart of Yoga

I teach Hatha and Yin yoga

Ha means the Sun, Ta means the Moon.

Hatha is a breath based yoga that balances the male and female energies. Yin replemishes the natural state of being, healing deep blockages by giving the body time to reopen.

The postures are either a flowing sequence to remove stagnant energy and reenergize and strengthen the system as a whole, or still meditative postures to give the body time to rest and restore itself into its natual luminous state.

The breath opens, strengthens and cleans the body, working its way like a pranic river into the deeper inner channels and chakras.

​I have studied and received yoga and Buddhist teachings for over 20 years, so the yoga I teach is imbued with the nourishing and liberating philosophy of the Buddha (see bio)

As I have worked with the sacred healing arts for most of my life, my Yoga teaching for me  is like a healing practice.  It is intermixed with Taoist longevity techniques to develop a mindful and positive, mental, emotional and physical outlook. I teach from a life time of personal experience, not recently acquired theory.  I used yoga to heal my broken back, maintain its health and to keep youthful.


As an artist, my Yoga is a creative expression. It is a spontaneous poem of movement, breathing colour back into our lives.

As an eco-warrior, an environmentalist and a spiritual practitioner, Yoga is my way of expressing compassion in action. When we as individuals harmonize our inner elements, the outer world responds. When we feel our pain, stiffness or tightness, by breathing into it with non-judging awareness, we start to unbind habits and develop compassion. Yoga does not become about achieving but about reconnecting.

Every time we practice yoga, we are awakening our ability to become who we really are.