​Healing our society goes hand and hand with healing our personal, elemental connection with the phenomenal world
~ Chögyam Trungpa




A Mentoring session to identify and undo habits that block creative energy, and so supports the unfolding of our life's potential. This treatment is a unique combination of evolutionary astrology, homeopathic and gem medicines.  These tools give us the clarity, insight and medicine that can help create a genuine positive shift. The shift works on physical, mental, emotional and subtle levels.  Please have your date time and place of birth ready for this session.


Undoing physical blockages, BLISSFULLY.

A Deep Tissue Reiki Massage, with shea nut butter, unscented sesame oil and essential oils.

The Shea Nut replenishes, rehydrates and is deeply soothing. It has such profound healing properties it is often used without adding anything to it.

Or choose your own essential oil to balance the elements:

Earth element: Vanilla - a Mexican orchid worshipped as the manifestation of an Aztec Goddess, deeply nurturing.

Air element:  Lavender - latin meaning "To Wash".  Cleanses old karmic patterns and emotional conflicts, peace of mind.

Fire element: Frankincense - elevating, warming soothing and liberates the ecstatic energies.

Water element : Melissa - chases away dark thoughts and melancholy. The Egyptians called it "The Elixir of Life" and the "hearts delight".

Space element: Niaouli - liberates past and future thoughts, so we can connect with pure life force.


After the physical body has softened and opened, Tibetan bowls and tuning forks are placed on the body. The subtle harmonics and vibrations created by the bowls and forks, travel deeply into the delicate energy systems, to release the more subtle energy blockages.  This is both relaxing and enlivening.


The Great Seal

Personalised Meditation and Yoga practices based on HIndu and Buddhist teachings. To maintain well being and a positive sacred outlook we need to develop a daily practice.  The astrology chart can indicate the most suitable meditation and spiritual practice.  For example, meditation practice can be a simple 1 to 5 minute daily breath based mindfulness exercise.  Just by doing 1 to 5 minutes a day, we can start to develop a peaceful, calm and happy mind.



Padma means LOTUS

Out of the mud grows the Lotus, symbolising our own capacity to transform stagnant or negative emotion/energy into love compassion joy and wisdom. Dynamic Meditational Breathing (DMB) is a direct way of consciously clearing mental and emotional blocks that are held in the body, reconnecting us to Inspired Pranic Life Force. The breath is the fastest, safest and most gentle tool we have for clearing our inner dust and pollution.  Yogi's have been using it for years. This treatment is wonderful for pregnant women as a preparation for birth, or anyone who one who wishes to "give birth" to any new creative project or shift blockages.

"I worked with DMB throughout my pregnancy, to prepare for my labour which, had the wonderful result of a 4 hour home water birth. It is a great way to clear out, energize, oxygenate and be In-Spired!" Claire.

​Claire has a private practice in Hampstead, London, she works with Triyoga in Primrose Hill and Chelsea. She is one of Kamalaya’s most experienced and respected visiting practitioners - Kamalaya, has been awarded as Asia's no 1 Wellness Sanctuary. Claire also supports and runs international healing and yoga retreats in Europe and Asia.  ​She is also a Yoga and Meditation expert for wellbeingescapes.co.uk and the Therapy expert for essentialescapes.com, the UK's no1 spa specialists.

To book a treatment or discuss further, please contact me through:
- Email: clairefarman@yahoo.com
- Mobile: 07 765 838 348